Sam Strife
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Rules and Info
Sam Strife
Hello everyone, this is the brand-new-shiny-out of the box Deus Ex kinkmeme!
Round 1 will be posted soon- this is where you'll post your prompts and fills.
This meme is covering all of the Deus Ex universe and characters- from game 1, 2- 'Invisible war', 3- 'Human Revolution' and 'The Fall', and it includes all of the characters you can think of.
Rules are simple- you post a prompts as anon/ you fill prompts as anon. Fills can be both fanfics and drawings- its up to you! If you wish to de-anon, or post your work elsewhere, we'll make an entry for that.
Good prompts must include character/s name/s and a setting/kink of course. Here's a kink masterlist.
OC's are allowed, just don't overdo it.

Any kind of spam or hate in the comments directed to another user will be DELETED.



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